A Charlie Brown Cake

I attempted to make D his favorite cake for our anniversary.....




Ta da doesn't that just look delicious- I love you D
Disclaimer: this cake in no way is a visual representation of how much I like my husband, just my inability to correctly utilize a box mix.
oh man I was so mad. I followed the directions and cakepocolypse happened. How do you mess up a #$%$#$$% box cake. HOW?!?
At some point I should have stopped. A normal person would have gone out and bought another $1 cake mix but no I was bound and determine to frost that turd of a cake. My thought being the frosting will cover up the fact that it is in a million pieces. There is not enough frosting in the world to make this right. So fail number one. I fear for the dinner I am about to attempt.... excuse me while I go put Domino's on speed dial and think of some lovey dovey metaphor for this crappy dessert....this cake represents our marriage not always perfect but still tasty  satisfying.....this cake is like love, sometimes messy but frosting is still delicious always worth the effort.....


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