Arizona Distance Classic Goals

It is that time again. I am running the Arizona Distance Classic on Sunday.
I feel like I have not done a half in forever. I guess it has been about four weeks. So practically forever. I would like to say in those four weeks I trained hard but that is not the case. I took about two weeks off to rest some aches and am just getting back into it. So I don't expect any big breakthroughs. Plus my longest run since my last half has been six miles. So I may be a bit out of shape. The course is not overly hilly but they are there.
At least the finish is downhill.

The course is out and back in a beautiful area with great weather so it should be a nice morning. For this race I would like to try to head out more conservatively. Usually I start so fast that by two miles in I have set a mileage PR but feel like I want to die. Trying to avoid that this time. I would also like to learn how to drink out of a cup while moving without drowning or soaking the volunteers. Good to have goals.

Goal A: Run first half slower than the second half/ start conservatively/ don't drown
Goal B: Finish under 2:10
Goal C: Finish under 2:15

What I am most excited about is I have a new outfit to wear. Pink running skirt, new tank top, and new hair band. It is good to know I focus on the important stuff like my wardrobe. I am such a ferocious competitor. 


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