And to conclude the week....some random things

oh bloggy blog world I have missed you this week. So many saved up words to share....

1. I am done with the written component of my PhD exams today. Yipppeeeee. Fingers crossed it is not sucktastic.

2. I am finally getting over my cold. Yep that's right along with being tortured all week with academic ridiculousness my nose has been super special. Like a double kick in the face life. Not cool.

3. This week D has been cooking dinner. And it has been freakin delicious.
It will be so sad when I start doing the version of what I call cooking again. Perhaps we can go halfsies during the week from now on.
Greek Chicken with Asparagus

Carmalized apples

Flank steak with sweet potato fries and chimichurri sauce

Soba noodles with beef

Chicken tacos

4. My friend J dropped off mac and cheese with basil bread crumbs to sustain me this week. I ate it so fast that I didn't even get a picture. If I could marry her mac and cheese I would.

5. To commemorate leap day I registered for this little number.
RnR Denver whoooo

That's right coming to CO to spread my half marathon cheer. I am such a sucker for a leap day coupon code. I felt like I should have registered for San Diego, San Jose and a few others but even with the coupon code these suckers aren't cheap. Plus I have yet to do a giant race yet so this will be the test to see if large races are for me. So if any of the Colorado bloggers I stalk follow want to meet up that would be way awesome. Just staying we should be besties IRL that's all.

6.  My friend C also dropped off these pretty little things.

 It is almost as if she knew if I didn't read some celebrity gossip this week there was no way I was getting through my exam. And she brought some of her mom's biscotti, that is right homemade biscotti. Awesomeness on the tongue. It lasted about twenty minutes.

8. I have also registered for this little event again. Yeah I don't know, apparently writing about politics and policy for a week made me lose my mind.

The real question is will I train for it this time. You know run some hills or something. Magic 8 ball says Very Doubtful. I will probably die from the altitude and do my run walk shuffle like I did last time. And maybe try to come in under 3 hours. Maybe. 

9. While I sat here all week slaving away,

 this guy slept here.

Mocking me with his all day napping and snoring.

10. I managed to actually work out this week even with the exam and a cold. I did some biking, running and weight lifting which is good because ......

To sum up......most of what I have done this week is sit in a chair typing, registering for races and stuffing my face.   Thank you to everyone who sent me food, encouraging emails, text messages and good vibes. It is very much appreciated.  I am one lucky lady!


  1. PhD exams, a cold and you worked out? You are a superstar! And, holy cow! That food looks and sounds SO delicious.


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