Sedona Half Marathon Goals

Tomorrow I head down to Sedona for the Half Marathon

so it is time to figure out the A, B & C goals.

That be a lot of altitude 
Sedona = 4500ft     Tucson = 2389ft

so I see a lot of heavy breathing and walking in my future. Plus my left leg has been acting kind of wonky (technical term). Calf and shin pain out of nowhere. And I want to take pictures on the route I mean look at this:

So with those disclaimers/ excuses:

A Goal: finish between 2:15 & 2:30
B Goal: finish between 2:30 & 2:40
C Goal: finish & obtain medal

That'll do.


  1. holy hills is right. Best advice I can give about altitude is to go out slower than a normal race to get your breathing under control. I feel that once it gets "out of whack" its hard to manage. Good luck

  2. You are killing these halfs (Halves?) lately!!! How many have you done now? You should do some type of total recap post because I feel like you have been cruising through them! GOod luck!

  3. Oh man!! Crazy crazy hills!! Just have a good time! I hope you get to see something HALF as amazing as those pictures you posted. I like the medal, very unique!

  4. Yikes! Those are some hills. The only hills in Florida are bridges, and I freak out about those. Have fun! Looking forward to the photos. That's gorgeous scenery!


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