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Tonight D and I went out on a date for Valentine's day. We went on Monday since D has class till late on Tuesdays and we can't go out past 7p.m. because I am really 90 years old and like to be in bed, lights out by 9 p.m. or I might turn into a pumpkin (since I am never awake past 9 I have not tested the pumpkin theory, better safe than sorry).

For our date he took me shopping at the mall, to REI and then to the Cheesecake Factory. And since he is the best husband in the world he let me spend our joint REI xmas gift card on running fuel. Um can you say BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.

minty freshness

Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, random orange flavor, vanilla, vanilla, vanilla
Look at all that delicious vanilla gu (the best flavor). And chocolate mint cliff bars (the only flavor worth eating). I also obtained this lovely piece of cheesecake to go (peanut butter cup chocolate magic).
Glitter shoes be damned- you are going in my face cheesecake
D gave me the cutest gift. A bean for his bean. So cute I just gagged a little. 
Sorry you all have to endure this post. 
Okay on to the other stuff:
I ordered some click protein drink and it is delicious. If you like coffee and are looking for a protein drink give it a try. Right now they have a deal and you get the cute pink cup. You know I am sucker for a freebie.

 D also bought these awesome shoe laces at the Sedona half for me.

 I was skeptical at first. Twenty bucks for shoe laces I think not. But they are great. If you have trouble with heal slippage or your feet swell these may be just what you need. They keep the shoes on snug but are comfortable and let you slip off your shoes without untying or breaking down the back of your shoe. Plus they come in all kinds of color so if you are less boring then I am with the gray you can spice up your shoes with a fun color.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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