Temecula Valley Half Marathon Eve

My friend A & I headed out to Temecula, CA on Friday afternoon after work. I tried to capture the magical moment but....

maybe if you put them both together...you get the picture ROAD TRIP!

After hours of driving through this

We stopped in Yuma, AZ to carbo load for the race. I had Subway (for the third time this week but that is a different story and I may have problem.)

chicken breast veggie deliciousness num
You know you are in a legit truck stop when this sign is on the wall
Showerer number 34 grab your shower shoes- you're up

After loading up with essentials

we were on our way into California and then we drove forever but with a purpose because packet pick-up went until 9p.m. and we wanted to avoid race day pick-up. We arrived at Monte de Oro winery at 8:55. Everything was still available to pick-up so that was nice and there were other people picking stuff up so we didn't feel too bad about rolling in at the last minute. Fastest packet pick-up ever, in and out in five minutes. Then we headed to the hotel.

Not bad Fairfield Inn & Suites

Dumping out the race packet I was pleasantly suprised by the tech-shirt. It is really pretty. I love it.

The race packet was super simple. The race number was really nice. And a packet of prunes.....so okay. After preping race day stuff we hit the hay. And then I had a dream it snowed and we got lost and couldn't find the race. And woke up at 3:45a.m. ready to go and then spent the next couple hours trying to go back to sleep until the alarm went off at 6a.m. 


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