Streak Update- Day 3

Have now worked out three days in a row. Am fitness guru and 25 lbs lighter.
 Just kidding.
I haven't lost any weight and I know nothing and
my body hurts so bad I am having a hard time standing and sitting, just moving in general. Working out sucks the big one is super fun.

Who knew a little weight lifting would bring the pain like no other. 

The workouts that have me living in a world of pain:
plyo jump squats- 8 sets of 15
lunges- 6 sets of 8
one leg squat- 4 sets of 15
dead lifts 3 sets of 6 with 45lbs
calf raises 3 sets of 15
Spinning: 30 min
40 min walk with Max the wonder dog
(later that evening start crying)
3 mile run in 30:17 with negative splits starting at 10:30 and ending at 9:35 min. mile
sit-ups  4 sets of 15
push-ups 4 sets of 15 (lets be real- they were on my knees)
leg raises- 4 sets of 15
mountain climbers- 5 sets of 15
40 minute walk with Max the wonder dog
(start to avoid moving at all costs)

So tomorrow I am planning on biking and weight lifting for the upper body...... of course this will only be happening if I can get out of bed.


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