Tucson Half Marathon Eve

Met up with my friend Erica to head to the Tucson marathon expo at 9a.m. She is doing the full marathon. So awesome. I am sticking to the halves for now.
Tucson Marathon Expo

We arrived at the El Conquistador Hotel in Oro Valley a little after 9:30. Was a little ticked when they did not have me as registered. After I explained that I had mailed in my registration the lady at the info desk said someone probably just forgot to add me to the list and told me to fill out another registration form and handed me a number. So that was easy.

After collecting my race packet, free socks and tech shirt we wondered around the expo. I found a pair of $12 arm warmers I had to try. As D put it "now you are one of those people"- not sure what that means but I think it means I am now awesome.
Flowers are fun

Going to try them tomorrow because everyone knows the best day to try something new is race day. I figure the arm warmers won't kill me. Fingers crossed.

Arm warmers & race shirt displayed in the classic hoedown pose
Race bag goodies
The race packet was pretty sweet with four free energy bars. The usual amount of paper and small packets of joint pain lotion. The tech shirt is nice and running socks are always welcome at this house.

The expo was a decent size and they actually had booths of fun running gear. If I was loaded I would have bought a long sleeve black shirt with a turtle on it that said "I AM running". SO perfect for me. They also had sweet glitter hair bands, running skirts and hats. But since I am a poor grad student I stuck to the arm warmers.

This afternoon we headed to Erica and Jake's for carbo loading. Carbo loading is more fun in a group setting.

Pumpkin Bars: More fun with sprinkles
Afters stuffing my face with pasta and pumpkin bars I think I am fully fueled and ready to go tomorrow!


  1. I love arm warmers, and I bet you do too. Good luck manana!!!!


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