Goals for the Tucson Half Marathon

For your viewing pleasure,
race photo from Fiesta Bowl 1/2
And bam time for another half marathon again.
It seemed like a good idea a few months ago when I signed up for back to back weekends of half marathons, now maybe not so much. I am still a little sore from the Fiesta Bowl 1/2 and have not run since. Just biked and done stretching. The real reason for not running is that it is cold and I am a big baby, plus the end of the semester makes me feel like I want to stab someone. No one in particular, just a general feeling of stabbyness. So that is fun for everyone else.

But this is my redemption half marathon I guess since I was training for this marathon last year when I hurt myself and had to hobble around on crutches in a cast for awhile (that also made me feel like I wanted to stab someone). And I got a sweet deal with half off the race after emailing the race director about my sad, sad plight last year.

Goals (again I feel the layer method takes some pressure off):
Look at me go goal, I should probably get a Nike contract: anything under 2:17
Keeping it consistently good: Between 2:17 and 2:25
This down hill half is killing me but I still get a medal at the end, winning: anything above 2:25.

And with that I am off to write a statistics paper. Ugh stab, stab, stab

Stats is way more fun with Ryan Gosling 

Workout Wed.: 45 min spin, Jillian's yoga house of pain
Workout Thurs: 30 min spin, stretching


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