Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon Race Review

I got up at 5:30 am for the Fiesta Bowl 1/2. Start time was at 7:30a.m. But I need time to stand around sipping coffee and staring into space before I can be expected to get dressed and head out the door. After coffee I got dressed in running capris, t-shirt, and gloves. Had my ipod and garmin. Downed half a chocolate mint cliff bar and C & J drove me to the start. I must say I am now a fan of curb side service. Next time I have to drive myself to a race, park and walk to the start I am going to be so sad.

2 thumbs up for 5:30 am and shiny faces, thumbs down on that camera angle and my new double chin
 Once I arrived at the start I headed for the bathroom line, but came across heat lamps. Since it was only in the upper 30s/low 40s that morning (in AZ weather that means everyone is freezing and think they are in danger of getting frost bite and dying of exposure including myself) I decided standing under the heat lamp was a better idea than peeing (what? too much information...). I stood there baking until about ten minutes till the start. Then I wondered about a block down the road to reach the half marathon start (there was a 5k start as well), the race started on time and I was off. Unfortunately my garmin was not, it couldn't get synced up until about a mile in. Hate it when that happens. I also couldn't feel my body for the first few miles since I was so cold.

Mile Times

1 9:39.1
2 9:47.6
3 10:04.9
4 9:57.4
5 9:54.4
6 10:37.9 (ate gu)
7 9:54.9
8 10:39.1
9 10:48.4
10 10:29.2
11 12:01.7 (ate gu)
12 11:04.6
13 10:17.4

I didn't take my camera because I am lazy and didn't want to carry it. We ran through Scottsdale on the side of the road. They only shut a lane of traffic down so cars were flying by at some points. That was a little unsettling mostly because I am clumsy and could see myself tripping and flying into traffic. Luckily I kept it together and there were no accidents. The course was kind of boring just down main roads, not very scenic (loop course). The last few miles were on a cement bike path covered in goose poop, a little extra challenge for us.  I felt tired sooner during this one so I ate two Gus, one at mile 6 and one at mile 11. My hip got pretty tight around mile 11. I stopped and stretched twice in mile 12 to avoid walking to the finish. I think it might have been from running on the sloping side of the road or maybe just form pushing it a little harder this time.    Overall I was not a fan of the route but it was not horrible. I finished in 2:17:39 a 10:30 mile pace. A NEW PR. WHOOP.
Medal obtained!

I tried to lie to J and say I won that is why I got a medal- she didn't believe me

C agrees to play along and poses with the "winner"
After gathering a banana and my medal I wondered away from the race to find my entourage. We headed to Starbucks to get coffee and breakfast. C bought me a peppermint mocha and eggs sandwich. Now I am her slave for life. Seemed like a decent trade at the time.

Favorite medal thus far
Awesome tech shirt from race bag- love the dark color
Overall this half had a great medal, great shirt, mediocre course, nice race finish with expo booths, good start with the heat lamps, decent amount of porto potties and seemed well organized. They also had aid stations almost every two to three miles and had gels starting about mile 6 on.

After showering and packing up we headed back to Tucson. Super fun weekend. When I got home I was all tired and whiny and didn't want to make dinner but wanted a salad with eggs in it (otherwise known as a delivery system for ranch dressing) so D went to the store and bought me one. Plus 5 points for him.

In other news: winter weather has arrived in Tucson and Max does not approve.

Using laundry that he formed into a pile to warm up
Monday morning workout: sleeping in!


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