Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon Goals

Well it is that time again.
So goals......hmmmm
Well I sort of kicked butt on the last half (not to toot my own horn but.... toot toot baby) but I don't want to get crazy and set a goal I can't meet and then get all sad and whiny about it so I think I will set layers of goals (the word layer makes me think of 7 layer dip mmmmmm delicious..... FOCUS)

Best day ever I am an Olympic champion in the making goal: Finish 2:20 or less
Okay day but feeling more ploddy than speedy: Finish between 2:21 to 2:35
Craptastic day/want to die/ I fell in a hole or some other tragedy: Anything over 2:35

The Fiesta Bowl half should be flat and is a big loop basically so I have no excuse unless I am just not feeling it.
Fingers crossed I feel it.


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