Ode to Fleet Feet Tucson

 Fleet Feet Tucson is awesome. Every time I go in there the staff are super helpful and friendly.I went in the other day to stock up on new superfeet and energy chews and had a great time. Maybe it was the intoxicating new shoe smell, the super friendly staff or the fun running apparel and accessories to look through but I was one happy camper when I left even after parting ways with my hard earned cash. I pass two other running stores and go way out of my way to shop here because of this. Two thumbs way, way up Fleet Feet. Whether you need new shoes or Gu I would recommend stopping in. They aren't paying me to say this (though I am always open to donations/ endorsements) I am just a satisfied customer.

Only two more days until:
Did I mention it is uphill;)

(no today doesn't count cause it is almost over!) Whoooo
Ready for the taper week to be over (my foot is feeling better). Getting bored without my runs to look forward too. Funny how when I feel like I have to run I sometimes react like this
I don't wanna get out of bed and run six miles before 7a.m.
but now that I am not running I realize running makes me feel better

Maybe not lotus pose zen better- but pretty good.
And why does she need so many candles- seems like a fire hazard
Ready to Run!


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