It's Coming....

my first race review that is... because the Mount Lemmon Half is on Sunday! Getting excited and a little nervous considering the longest training run I have done is ten miles since getting sick in Brazil derailed training a bit. But what is 3.1 little extra miles in the grand scheme of things? And lets be real the probability of me actually running all 13.1 miles uphill = 0.

Races Goals:
1. Not die
2. Keep moving up the mountain, not accidentally trip and roll down
3. Try to finish around 3 hours
4. Run more than walk
5. Get my sweet medal

Good to have goals.

This Sunday I ran 9 miles in 1:43. While the pace may not be blistering I did complete the run with a bum right foot. I have somehow managed to bruise or strain or whatever the arch area of my right foot. Usually it is my flat, broken in high school, has a plate and screws, scarred, whinny left foot that is throwing a fit. But this time the right foot apparently wanted some attention. So it is getting it, lots of ice and rest- perfect for a taper week. Little pool running, a little napping, little carbo loading and it should be all good come Sunday. WHoooo

Yep- uphill


  1. Reading all you half and full marathon racers' blogs is making me want to start training for a distance event again! I've just been in upkeep mode till January when I start HIM training, but you are kinda making me want to find something sooner! :)


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