Brazil Part 4: The gift that keeps on giving

D & were dressed nicely for about 4 seconds on this vacation before we went back to being our normal slob selves.
Mirror photo, because we don't know how to ask people to take it for us
Ah the classic feet in picturesque photo pose
The rest of the trip was spent hanging out on the beach and relaxing.
 I did manage to get two runs in, a two mile and a four mile beach run. Awesome. Running on the beach is so fun, but also really hard.
Photographic evidence that I did workout
Our last morning there we had a nice buffet breakfast, packed up and hit the tour bus for the exciting bus ride back to the Recife airport. Along the way  we saw some less than ideal living conditions and colorful towns.
On the way to Recife
A tent city on a hill

The trip back to Tucson involved 27 hours of travel time. We flew from Recife to Brasilia, Brasilia to Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte to Miami, Miami to Houston and finally Houston to Tucson. And on the flight from Recife to Brasilia I started to get sick.....really sick. I bought these fine colored candies 

in the hope that their banananess would make me feel better (I LOVE bananas) but it was a no go. Chills, fever of 102, stomach issues. The whole she-bang for 27 hours of travel, including a 5 hour lay over in Belo Horizonte and a jog through the Houston airport (Continental I hate you and your too tight connecting flights). Thought I was going to die. Or that D would get tired of dealing with me and put me out of my misery. Several days of suffering and a trip to the ER later I am on the mend. Nothing a little high powered antibiotic and re-hydration couldn't fix. Apparently my stomach met bacteria it didn't like and the bacteria decided to kick my stomach's a**.

And while I normally welcome any excuse to stay home from school and lounge around in bed the downside is I have now missed several runs including my last long run of ten miles. So now the dilemma. Do I skip it and move on attempting to run my 12 mile run (on a well chosen route with bathrooms, water and never very far from my car- just in case) on Sat. or stick to the ten miles throwing off my training plan a little (this is all contingent on me being able to run at all. My gut still says no thank you but it needs to get over itself). Mount Lemmon is only about three weeks away so bit of a time crunch. Tricky....very tricky. I am going to attempt a 2-3 mile run/walk tomorrow am so fingers crossed that goes okay. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your sickness! I'd say do the 10-miler, if possible. You don't want to push it too much and feel even worse!

    Your trip looks amazing!


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