Brazil Part 2: Strangers in a Strange Land

We tried to keep it together over our million hours of flying
Think this is flight 2: getting greasier but still feelin good
but towards the end things went downhill
Are we there yet?
Oh God, why are we not there yet....
Flying into Sao Paulo was amazing. I have never seen a city that big before
(Not my picture: but you get the idea)
After going through Brazilian customs we were cleared for our last flight to Recife. Whoohoo we made it. Once in Recife we had a tourism bus waiting to take us and other travelers from our flight to Porto de Galinhas where the resort was we were staying at. Since Recife is listed as Brazil's murder capital we weren't taking any chances with the transportation situation.
After an hour on a slightly scary bus ride that involved cars driving past at top speeds without a lot of room and I think at one point we might have slightly fallen off the road we arrived at our resort alive yeah.
Enotel, Porto de Galinhas Brazil
The resort was nice. We had brushed up on a few key Portuguese phrases such as hello, thank you, and can I please have another drink. But like the self-centered people we are we assumed that the people at the resort would speak English. This was not the case. Practically no one spoke English. If they spoke another language it was Spanish. Which is better than my Portuguese but not great. So that was kind of a barrier but we muddled through with a lot of pointing, head nodding, smiling and gesturing, the universal language.
Our room: Minimalist but nice, came with a mini bar of soda and water that was included

Our view from the room: can't beat that

Hello ocean, so beautiful
After we arrived at the resort we showered, changed and went on the hunt for some refreshments......


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