Brazil Part 1:The Tale of a Million Flights

Last Saturday morning D & I were at the airport bright and early to catch one of four flights to take us to Recife, Brazil for the World Water Congress Conference I was to present at.
Wooohoo traveling is fun
Thinking ahead and knowing we had 22 hours and 25 minutes of travel time I made sure to pack sufficient reading material.
This lasted two flights...not nearly enough

As we traveled through this great nation's airports (Dallas, Orlando) and the Sao Paulo airport we tried to keep our gluttony to a minimum seeing as how we were going to an all inclusive resort and intended to try our hardest to get our money's worth.
Shared veggie burger at Chili's

By Orlando D gave up on that, but I tried to stick with it consuming delicious vegetables while trying to ignore the lure of cheese and fries
Burgers. Serious business

Mmmm delicious lettuce and water so filling

From Orlando we took TAM which was probably the best flying experience of my life. They were helpful and nice, the gave you food (without asking for your credit card), they handed out candies at the beginning of every flight (extra points for that one) and little hygiene bags for the international flights that included toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and sock slippers (and would have been super helpful if we weren't disgusting creatures that decided that gum was a good replacement for teeth brushing).
Thumbs up TAM
They feed us dinner and breakfast during our eight hour flight. 
Over international water: Diet off, game on
Delicious pasta dinner. I couldn't handle the breakfast.  
We also had our own screens to watch movies or TV shows. I watched Water for Elephants and fell asleep watching old episodes of Sex and the City. Just like being at home except you know... in a metal tube, in a cramped seat with a thousand other people doing the awkward head bob.

To be continued.....


  1. Hahahah I was just talking about the awkward head bob on my road trip this weekend!!


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