What did I do.......

For my birthday I asked the hubby for a half marathon. I decided to run the Mount Lemmon 1/2 marathon.

Because why not have my first 1/2 marathon in almost a year by totally uphill and at high elevation. Go big or go home I guess. I comfort myself by the fact that I have 7 hours to finish, there will be walkers and I am sure many people will be walking some of it to relieve the burning in the quads from miles and miles uphill.

While visiting the fam. in CO this weekend I ran uphill for about a mile and a half. Thought I would die from the lack of oxygen but did pretty good (4.5 miles in 51 minutes). I was all proud of myself, feeling like a bad a** when I realized the one mile uphill is going to be 13.1. Then I started to panic. Oh man Mt. Lemmon is gonna be tough. But it is only August, plenty of time to train......and psych myself up.


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