The LSD of awesome

Okay so maybe 5 miles is kind of a wimpy long slow distance run but Saturday I decided to take it to Sabino Canyon. Uphill baby. In preparation for the Mt. Lemmon 1/2 I decided that running uphill is probably in my best interest. And after 3 miles uphill and two down I felt....fantastic. I don't know what I was so nervous about, I am stronger than I think I am. I ran faster this run (11:46 min. miles, total time of 58:52) uphill  than last Sunday (12:19 min. miles, total time of 1:01:37) than I did on the flat River path.
And the day after.......I feel okay.
I found another 1/2 I want to do, the Fiesta Bowl 1/2  but it is a week before the Tucson 1/2 I want to run. Two 1/2s back to back makes me a little nervous.


  1. I admire training runs that go up a canyon! You are hardcore!


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