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So I have never blogged before but after being inspired by my favorite running blog 50 half marathons in 50 states I thought I would share my adventure as I try to get in shape and complete as many half marathons as funds and time will allow. I figure if I can be inspired to get it together, get off the couch and get out there with a purpose maybe someone else will be too.

Last November I ran the Women's Half Marathon in Arizona and destroyed my left leg. Stress fracture/ ligament damage in the knee etc. It wasn't the half marathon's fault. I was damaged goods on the starting line.  I was training for the Tucson Marathon and just couldn't hack it. So I have decided to stick with 1/2s for awhile (that's me on the left with my running buddy A who did the race with me and was nice enough to do the slow hobble back to the car after when I was in so much pain).

Happy to say I am back to running 3 to 4 times a week and up to four miles after months of cast, crutches, no running and cross training. The goal is to stay injury free and get me some medals. Medals (and the happy feeling of accomplishment I guess) are the reason I have decided to run at least six half marathons in AZ between now and June. Let the training begin!


  1. Hi Bean,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Also, I see you are thinking of running Lost Dutchman. DO IT!!! I had a blast running that one!


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