I'm glowing.....no correction I am just drenched in sweat

Okay Arizona. I get it you are composed of mostly desert, full of things that are prickly and want to either inflict pain or poison me in some way (yes there has been an incident where tripping took me sliding down hill coming to rest a precarious distance from a very large cactus- that is when I decided trail running in the desert when you are not coordinated = not smart). It is hot and dry and sunny. But 43% humidity and 80 degrees at 6a.m. is not really necessary. How many times have I heard " but it is a dry heat" (as if that makes 105 degree temps tolerable). Well let me tell you it is NOT A DRY HEAT in August.

 I love running I really do but when I run a 12 minute mile pace because I am about ready to melt into a puddle and that moisture wicking shirt is so drenched no moisture is being wicked..... I am not pleased. But I guess I did run five miles, the longest I have run in a long time. Focus on the positive people. I also think that perhaps next summer I should think about running The Hottest Half. Why not? AZ would be the perfect training ground to prep for that sweatfest! Plus any shirt/ medal with flames on it I am all for.


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