Have you lost weight.......

....why yes, YES I HAVE. Since Christmas time (when I began to notice my jeans fit more like stretch pants and the under arm chicken wing situation was taking on epic proportions) I have been on a quest to drop some lbs. But since I am big into food (equal opportunity eater of most things, excluding coconuts and coleslaw bleh) and love, love, LOVE wine (mostly white, but the more I drink the more equal opportunity I become about that as well), and self- denial has long allowed me to classify myself as "curvy", losing weight has been an epic battle.

Being able to run again has really helped make this easier but I think the meticulous calorie counting (hello spreadsheet) has been what has helped the most. Since Christmas I have lost about 22lbs (been pretty slow going and since I am one of the lucky ones with a giant frame (5 feet 9 inches and broad shoulders) it is probably not super noticeable to others but the loser pants don't lie. I would like to drop about 20 to 30 lbs more (which may take till the end of time at this rate) but hopefully the slow way I have been losing (better food choices, mindful eating and more activity) means that I will not be able to find the pounds I have lost. I also need to be mindful that school and the stress of trying to obtain this PhD makes me want to stuff my face full of pizza and alcohol (and after two days back at it I am already at that level).

But I have a plan:
-running 4 days a week
-swimming 2 days a week
-weight lifting 2 days a week
.....and a lot of deep breathing and soon I am sure I will look like this:
 or just maybe feel more confident in my own skin. Either way a win;).


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I prety much had to stop drinking altogether. It's too easy to indulge :(

    I am also an equal opportunity eater. Eating more salads has been my salvation! I'm down about 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks!

  2. Wow 10 pounds is awesome! I have also been trying to eat more veggies and am now mostly vegetarian at home. This has also seemed to help speed things along a little bit.


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