Apera Performance Duffel- The Proper Review

A while ago the nice peeps at Apera Bags sent me the performance duffel to test out. It has taken me awhile to get around to reviewing it because I wanted to put it through the wringer. Since then I have used it to pack for not only the Rockin Choccolocco 50K but also my little cross country move to El Paso. I am happy to report I am in love with this bag. It has survived being hauled in and out of motel rooms, falling out of the back of my car several times, and the dog sleeping on it as well as held everything I needed to suffer through 31 miles of a trail ultra and still looks brand spankin new.

Design: This bag had to be made for a runner by a runner. Now I don't know that for a fact but it has everything you could want. With two compartments for shoes and a million other pockets to separate everything from your phone to your energy bars this bag makes it easy to stay organized. It is also big enough to accommodate everything for race day but also five days worth of travel clothes for a cross country road trip. I like that not only does it work for running and traveling to races and hitting up the gym but it works for other life stuff that involves travel. It can fit a lot of stuff but never seems too bulky. I would feel comfortable using it to head to the gym or head out on vacation. I like that it serves double duty because it costs a pretty penny.

Pockets, pockets everywhere. Also love the light lining in the bag. That is probably my favorite thing. No black hole where you can't see anything. Everything is organized and easy to find!
Quality and Price: Now to be honest I am not sure I would purchase this bag on my own with out testing it out first. Coming in at over $100 they cost more than the gym bag you can score at Target or Dick's Sporting Goods for $29.99. That being said after using it I feel comfortable purchasing one of these bags because I know they are high quality, well designed and made to last. I have tugged stuff out of mine and stuffed it very full with no stretching at the seams or tearing.  With the antimicrobial protection I feel comfortable that it will be able to endure even the sweatiest of race clothes without suffering long term consequences of stink. Plus they look good. I went with black because I couldn't pick between pink and blue and I drop everything so black seemed like the best choice knowing that the bag was bound to hit the dirt. But it cleans up easy with a wet cloth and looks like new.
Stink proof and attractive, I am sold!
If the shoe fits: This bag fits two very large (size 12- insert big foot joke here) pairs of running shoes. Amazing! And perfect for the race day indecision or if you want to take two pairs lets say to a relay...like the Wild West Relay or Hood to Coast (this bag will be coming with me to both of those adventures). It not only fits two pairs but leaves plenty of space for everything else. Pretty sure black magic may be involved in the design. That can be the only way this works.

Overall I am a big fan of this bag and with this company. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for a long lasting and high quality gym bag.  For more info on the design of the performance duffel see the video below.

Like I said these bags are a bit on the higher end price wise but right now they have an Anniversary Sale running from July 31st where all bags are 20% off and any style of blue bag, including the performance duffel is 40% of. All the Duffel Packs are 40% off as well. Right now if you sign up for their newsletter you will be entered to win a sprint pack. Check it out here http://aperabags.com/win

The best part: For every three bags sold Apera donates one bag to a Special Olympic athlete. Not only do you get a great bag you are helping Apera do a great thing.

Overall: Bean's seal of approval.

*Apera sent me this bag to review. I am super picky about what I review because this is my blog and I only like to talk about myself....totally kidding...totally.... and I don't want this blog to become all about product reviews. That being said this bag rocks and I am happy to endorse it. I only endorse products I actually use and am honest in all my reviews because it is through other runner's blogs that I find out what works and what doesn't before sending anyone my hard earned cash and this has been super useful and I am thankful that other runners put recommendations out there for me to find. I hope this review is useful for those looking for a nice and high quality gym bag.


  1. I've seen a number of people review this bag highly...I just wish it didn't cost so much!


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