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Marine Corp Marathon Race Recap

I am gonna start this post by saying I am glad I did the Marine Corp Marathon. It was an amazing opportunity to run through the nation's capital in beautiful fall weather. I was happy to have family there to cheer me on and the medal, I got to say, is top notch. All that being said I would not choose to do it again. Wanted to get that out of the way cause I have a feeling things are about to get a bit whiny.  The Expo The expo was held at the convention center in D.C. There were signs marking where packet pick-up was held plus employees pointing people in the right direction. All good there. The 45 minutes of waiting in line to get into the Expo was less than awesome but fine. Security was tight. For the whole race. Which I am okay with. Better safe than sorry. Finally break on through to the other side and get into the expo and bam another line. A way huge line to buy anything Marine Corp Marathon related. Shirts, coats, pint glass, anything. Brooks was the main sponsor

Swanson Health Products

Jenna from Swanson Health Products  contacted me to ask if I would like a $50 gift certificate to try out their site. Why yes. Yes I would like that. I then proceeded to take forever to use it because there is just so much stuff to choose from and a gift certificate is precious and you must use it wisely.They have all kinds of supplements, vitamins and sport recovery items like protein powder for purchase  at very reasonable prices which is probably what the company had in mind that I would purchase when giving me the gift certificate.  I was immediately distracted by the food and ended up buying mostly food items. I am sure this shocks no one who knows me. In total I ended up getting 13 items from the site. I did order two kinds of soap because they had my favorite kind at an awesome price. Almond scented castile soap and peppermint liquid castile soa p. They both smell so good. Plus with the amount of activity I do everyone I work with/ live with is very happy with this kind

Nice Legs

The past few days have been quite a bit of fun. Got to trail run with my trail group on Saturday. Everything was so green and beautiful and it wasn't a million degrees. Almost pretty enough to distract me from the burn of running uphill for three miles straight...almost.  I got to support Team Up and Running at the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes . These dudes raised an awesome amount of funds to support survivors of family violence.  Watching men try and walk in heels is pretty entertaining. I am not great at heels but I now know I am not the worst. Registered for another race.... Franklin Mountains Trail Run . Thanks to Trail Running Over Texas for the entry. I am looking forward to this medal! Will be doing the 10K cause I have been doing a lot of racing and need to reign it in. And the 1221' in elevation gain is enough for me thanks. My goal this week is to get in a few miles before the marathon to t

The forever taper

The weird thing about running all of the marathons and half marathons in a month and a half's time is that it really throws off the normal schedule of working out. I haven't been lifting cause I don't want to hurt myself and because I need all the power my under trained body can muster to finish the next two marathons on the schedule. Getting burnt out on lifting seems not smart right now.  I also haven't been running very much unless it involves a finish line and a medal because I am worried about doing too much and my tendinitis coming back and frankly I have just been tired and sore from doing a marathon and then a half back to back. I did three miles this morning and it took forever and I was just not interested in running at all. Completing three miles took all of my willpower. Not doing anything physical has left me with some extra time on my hands which I have used to catch up on some reading. This book is dark but as I read on I liked it more and

TransMountain Half Marathon

The perfect thing to do one week after a full marathon is to run a half marathon that is seven miles uphill followed by five miles of screaming downhill. This will allow you to test your bodies rate of marathon recovery. If you only cry a little you are mostly recovered. Full sobs mean you need more time. I kid. I kid. The only reason to run a half marathon a week after a full is if you get to run it with these amazing people! TransMountain training group. We know how to party. The training group I coach has been training hard for months for this  half marathon and there was no way I was going to miss it. Plus it is the last year of this particular race for a few years so I also wanted to tackle it myself. The race starts on the west side of El Paso runs up and over on TransMountain through the Franklin Mountains and then down to the Northeast side of El Paso. Pretty much 7 up and 5 down followed by a stretch of slightly uphill/ flatish to the finish. I pretty much said a pray

Twin Cities Marathon

Whelp marathon number 9 happened and it was awesome! On a side note, if someone asks you what number marathon this is and you can't remember without looking at your blog have you done too many?  I highly recommend the Twin Cities Marathon. Even if you don't have your own cheer committee (I had my own cheer committee!!), there are tons of spectators on the course, it is beautiful and everything was perfect. Unless you don't train very much and then you will have full body melt down at mile 20. But we will get to that.  Just take all my money. The expo is a nice size. It is not super huge but has enough stuff to be interesting and plenty of items to throw you bills at. My favorite part was the dressing room I used. Runners, we love the john.  Smelled better than the ones on race morning. My friend was super nice and drove me through the entire course on the way to the expo. It was fun to know where I was in the race and know when the turns and hills we