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Santa Fe Thunder

There is nothing better than spending a weekend with running friends.....even if the race you are meeting up for hasn't been trained for. Whoops. Last Thursday D and I drove the five hours south to Santa Fe to our bnb Casa Pacifica where we met up with my friends Karen and Michelle. The bnb was great because it meant having our own kitchen and Michelle likes to cook and we all like to eat what she cooks. It is a beautiful relationship! It was so great to see Karen and Michelle. The hardest part about moving is being far away from the friends you have have made. We spent two days exploring near the Santa Fe plaza, hitting up breweries and wine tastings and eating delicious food. On Saturday we were able to hit up the farmer's market which was in walking distance of our bnb.  On Saturday we also drove out to the Buffalo Thunder Casino to get our race numbers. The expo was small and besides numbers and t-shirts there was not much going on. I spent the day telling mys

Sunrise strides, drowning, and other adventures

Life in Colorado is going pretty well. We have settled in our apartment and slowly learning our way around. I have found a running group to join called the Sunrise Striders. They are ridiculously fast (as in their warm-up pace is faster than my race pace), they regularly win age groups and races outright and all look like they belong on the cover of Runner's World. All of this would be really, really annoying if they weren't so nice, and warm, and welcoming, and encouraging and happy to share advice about the area. I really enjoy running with them in various places around the Springs and am sure if I can stick with them I will eventually be a better runner.  I have also been swimming with a master's swim team which meets four times a week. They are also nice and easy going. There are the serious lanes full of sleek, seal like people and then there are the lanes of people just trying to get the workout done. I am in a lane just trying not to drown. Luckily, I am natural