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Colorado Life

Otherwise known as the struggle is real when it comes to running. We got back to Colorado the end of July and after two months off and then another week to let a bruised heel (from backpacking) heal starting to run again at 7K feet seems like cruel and unusual punishment. And just when I started to get in shape I got Lasik. Good news....I can see!!! Without glasses!!! It is amazing!!!!!!! Bad news.....I had to take another week off to let my eyeballs heal. Which I am totally okay with cause I CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have worn glasses and/or contacts since I was 16. Waking up and being able to see is the best thing ever!!!!!! EVER!!! I haven't been running but I have been making things out of the new Run Fast. Eat Slow cookbook. So if I am not blazing fast tomorrow when I go for a run (first one in 7 days what could go wrong) I am returning it. Not really, but only because this almond torte is delicious and going to be made again. And I don't want to brag but I tweete

Wonderland Trail Fail

The Wonderland Trail was supposed to be our big backpacking trip of the summer. 10 days. Lots of elevation gain and lots of elevation loss around Mt. Rainier. It was kind of the true test of what we were made of backpack wise. Heavy packs, lots of walking. Good times. The Monday of our first day we woke up to rain. While not unheard of in the Pacific Northwest.......after a week of sunshine we were not pleased. We loaded the car up anyway and headed for Mt. Rainier. We decided to begin our adventure at Longmire. It is a popular place so we figured our car would be safe there. We had a plan of how we wanted to attack the mountain. It involved on average between eight to ten miles of hiking a day. The entire trail is 93 miles. Not easy but not epic distance wise. When we went in for our permit (this year there was no reservations it is on a first come first serve basis) we were told our plan wouldn't work. There are only so many people allowed at each camping area so the ran

Tacoma Time

After spending the night in Port Angeles we drove the few hours to Tacoma to meet D's best friend for lunch. He was an awesome tour guide of beer based Tacoma touring. If you like craft beer Washington is the state for you. If you like craft beer and specialty hot dogs then The Red Hot is where it is at.  The week we were in Tacoma we sampled lots of local brews and hit up some of the waterfront restaurants.  We went up to Seattle for the day to meet some friends for dinner but arrived at lunch time specifically to go to Piroshky, Piroshky. Russian pastries at their finest.  We wandered through the market sampling fruit, looking at art and taking in the sights. After we had seen all there was to see we wandered through downtown Seattle towards the Space Needle. Since it was super crowded and a pretty penny we were content to stare up. After wandering the streets for a few hours we headed back towards the market and rand

Here Comes the Rain: Adventures in Olympic National Park

Good thing we waited for our new rain jackets to arrive from REI before starting this trip because in Olympic National Park they were in heavy rotation. So. Much. Rain. Of course all that moisture makes everything beautiful with fairy tale type forests and beautiful flowers. It started to rain on our way to Kalaloch beach were we camped (someone wanted to see the tide pools, that someone is me) and continued to rain for the next three days. Rain makes more difficult. Car camping or backpacking becomes an exercise in trying to stay dry and clean. I think I mentioned this before but a reoccurring theme on this trip was our being lucky. When we got to the campground it was looking pretty full but we found one spot facing the ocean that was open. Talking to the rangers they mentioned that the spot had been reserved but it was a no show. Lucky for us! When you fly by the seat of your pants and don't make reservations for anything you have to be flexible but for the mo