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August: Let's Review it

Miles run: 103.5 I don't want to toot my own horn here but tooty, toot, toot. That is pretty dang good considering one week of August I was stowed away on a big yellow moving truck slowly making its way cross country. My goal was to keep running even though things were kind of crazy and I did. Probably helps that I moved to a cooler, more runner friendly area with miles and miles of trails and friendly neighborhoods. Half marathons done: big fat 0 But that is about to be over and I will be running lots and lots this fall and I am so excited to explore new places and get new medals....oh and run. Dear running gods please don't let something like this happen to me when I finally achieve my treadmill dreams.   One of my goals for this year, which I decided upon I think around April was to try to run a thousand miles this year. Right now I am at 654.8. I just don't know if I am gonna do it. I would need to run around 86.3 miles a month for the rest of the year. Which

A pain in the leg & 8p.m. bedtimes

Well my right leg is acting up again so it is getting 'RICE'd for the next few days. No more runs until the Oak Brook half on Monday. Which I am way excited about by the way.  Hopefully it will be all better. And if it is not I can run on it just fine so it doesn't matter but it would be more pleasant for everyone if it would just fix itself. Because everyone knows that you should always run on stuff when it hurts. No do not do that. Do as I say not as I do. Instead of hitting the bike trail for early morning runs I will be hitting my spin bike for the next two days instead. So that is a whole lot of not awesome. What is still a whole lot of awesome is my new job. But man is my brain tired. So many things to remember. I am gonna try real hard to catch up on all my favorite blogs tonight and stay out of bed until at least  ......8:00pm. But no promises.

News Flash: Long Runs are Hard

Sunday was my first long run in our new state. I headed to the bike bath and ran 4 miles North into Wisconsin turned around and ran 4 miles back to my car, restocked with a cliff shot and water and ran 3 miles South through Illinois and then back to the car. Gotta be honest, Wisconsin is prettier. 14 miles is the longest run I have done in  a looooooonnnnnnnngggggggg time and man I felt it. It took me 2:40 to get that thing done and the last few miles would be better defined as run/walk. And my stomach was in revolt the whole time. I have no idea why....okay maybe because I was nervous about starting a new job. I can't believe next Monday I will be racing 13.1 (and by racing I mean trying to run harder than usual, throwing a fit at mile 10 per usual and having an excuse to stuff my face at brunch, oh and a medal, sweet, sweet glorious medal). I also can't believe that 12 more miles (oh don't forget the .2), so 12.2 more miles = a marathon. Do I really want to do that? It

I'm Back

   After years and years of no internet at our new house in Illinois we are back online. Man I am addicted to easy access to all things web based. Thank goodness D had the foresight to buy me a smartphone for our anniversary so I could twitter stalk and read blogs in tiny version on my phone otherwise I may have gone crazy. We made it to Illinois in five days after stopping for a day at my parents’ house. So Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois all look the same. I became increasingly cranky on the trip as did the dogs who I am pretty sure by the third day of driving were giving us the mental bird every time they looked at us for cramming them in a tiny space for multiple days. Everyone was happy to arrive at our destination which turns out to be beautiful, tree lined and super close to a huge park and running trail that extends to and through Wisconsin and through most of Illinois. I ran to Wisconsin on Thursday during my 8 mile run. Now that is just fun to say, ‘I ran to Wisconsi

Blog love

Megan over at Running Toward the Prize has me featured on her blog. How freakin cool is that!!! Head on over and check it out and her other great post on gear, other runners and pretty much anything and everything about Disney. In other news should have Internet access by 8pm tonight. To say I excited would be an understatement. Hi my name is Bean and I am addicted to the Internet. For those with internet hit up:

Too crazy to not share

Our new house in IL has this on the bedroom door. Ummm what are the odds? Perhaps we are fated to live here?

In the land of no internet

Hello blog world long time no type. I have been busy moving, unpacking and being cranky that we have no Internet in our new house till Friday. I am typing this on my phone and it is the worst ever but wanted to give an update. We have arrived safe and sound in IL and have been having tons of fun exploring our new home. News flash driving for four days in a moving truck with two dogs is not a ton of fun but visiting family along the way is. I have yet to run since my leg is still being special but plan to head out tomorrow. We have done a ton of walking and found a long bike trail, large park and Lake Michigan so I am excited to get going. I have also registered for the Oak. Brook half on labor day. Can't wait to add to my medal collection and race in my new state. I have also realized I need a whole new cold weather running wardrobe and a treadmill. Yo momma runs has identified a marathon for us to do together (and by together I mean I will see her at the finish about two hou

Happy Anniversary

Well blog, you and I have been at it for a year now.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and read my musings.  Here is to another year of half marathons, marathons (?).... and running fun! Workout this morning: 4 miles in 42 minutes pretty good for blazin hot and humid temps. Tomorrow 14 miles are on the schedule but we will see. If it super hot and awful, miles may be dropped. Tomorrow we load all our stuff up and Monday we are off to our new life in Illinois. Excited and nervous and very tired of packing, cleaning and dealing with details. Luckily we found a place to live today and I think it will work out great (fingers crossed, if everyone could cross their fingers that would be great, every little bit helps). I was super excited that my Sweat Pink Ambassador stuff came in the mail today! Apparently we will live here for years and move out and never, ever get this mirror clean. On the bright side- tank top is awesome and super soft. Love it! When the dust set

Gear Up

First things first: The Treadmill Review Guru  named me a Get Up and Move blogger. Check out his list of other awesome bloggers at . Thanks Treadmill Guru! Next lets talk about gear. As you may have noticed I have been acquiring a lot running gear. Which resulted in D asking why exactly I needed so many pairs of running shorts when I can only wear one pair at a time. Yes this question seems ridiculous to me too. But it did get me thinking how much of this running gear do I actually need. This question was came up again with the arrival of these Pro Compression socks in Neon yellow. Whoop  and a trip to target that resulted in this little number for around $10 D asked if I was gonna put my hair in a side pony tail since it reminded him of the 80s. And the answer is Yes, always yes on the side ponytail.  Obviously I have a obsession with running gear and can never have enough. And may also fantasize

Plan for the Week & Beautiful Blogger Award

On the running agenda for this week:  Mon: Nada maybe yoga Tues: 6 miles Wed: 8 miles Thurs: Nada maybe yoga/ strength Fri: 8 miles Sat: 4 miles Sun: 14 miles As always, this plan is tentative and subject to changes due to life. Jac over at  Challenged and Running in the Bike Lane  (who I like to think of as my AZ running amiga) nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks Jac! She has been running for a million days in a row now in the Arizona heat. Pretty dang inspiring.  Here are the rules: Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and post it in your post Thank the person who nominated you & link back to their blog Tell all of us 7 things about yourself Nominate 7 other bloggers & comment on their page to let them know. 7 Things: 1) I am a big fan of photography and used to do it a lot, now not so much but hope to get back into it (you know pictures that are not a blurry half marathon course).  2) I love Friend's reruns. My f

So Sweaty and Foot Rubz

Before I regale you with the tale of how I had the worst long run in the history of running on Saturday lets review the fun things in life.  First I won a Foot Rubz from Lisa over at  Yo Momma Runs . She is one of my favorite bloggers so winning something from her was pretty dang exciting. And then she was all cute and put a note in with the Foot Rubz and I was like 'see I knew we are BFFs for life'. Totally made my day to get a fun package in the mail and Foot Rubz = amazing. Love it. Thank you Lisa for having the awesome giveaway and thank you random number generator for picking me.   Second of all got a fun card in the mail from the family congratulating me on new job, moving, etc.with a quote on the front I love so thought would share. I gotta admit I am a little nervous about packing up all our stuff, moving cross country and landing in a new place and starting a new job. But when I think about it as an adventure I get more excited and less nervous. Life i


Because sometimes plodding is something more.

Month in Review: July

Mileage: 92 miles Bit lower than June which was at 104.6 but I did take a week of to rest my right leg so I say WIN. Cross training: not consistent There was some zumba, some yoga, some spinning, some strength but nothing that was done with any regularity. This and stretching, icing and rolling are areas I really need to work on. Races: Breeze in the Trees 5K in 27:51 No medals were obtained but I did get this sweet t-shirt. The 5K was fun and I think I would like to work on some speed and do more of them. But my first love will probably always be the half distance. Goals for August: We have some large life changes going on around here (moving and new job) that are generating a fair amount of stress and demands on time so this month my main goal is to keep running consistently. I want to be better about stretching, rolling and icing as well. If I get some cross training in super but that will just be an added bonus. August will most likely be my last month of no races for a