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Adventures in ABQ

This past weekend I met my my sister and bro-in-law in Albuquerque for some fun. We didn't have any major plans besides eating and drinking. The perfect kind of vacation. We hit up the Apothecary Lounge for happy hour on Friday and tried to sit outside to enjoy the view Not my pic but it was so freakin windy we were afraid we were going to get blown off the roof so we had to move it indoors. After drinks and snacks we walked around the Old Town part of ABQ and hit up a place called Monroe's for mexican. The next day we headed to the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens. They were super fun. I love fish so I was super happy. The aquarium is on the smaller size but still fun. Part of it was closed including the touch pool so that was a bummer. I wanted to pet sharks. The botanical gardens are right next door so we headed over there to check them out. Not everything was in bloom since it is still early in the season but the Japanese garden was beautiful.

New Orleans: Days 3 & 4

New Orleans recap continues because one, I had an awesome time and you all must share in the glory of this vacation, and two not much going on right now to blog about so yay for oversharing.  Saturday Karen, Michelle and I got up to run along the Mississippi and explore a bit.  We did an easy 3 to 4 miles with stops at points of interest.  When we were done we hit up the French Market for coffee and met up with Sarah who had slept in. We walked over to Stanley's in Jackson Square for breakfast then returned to the hotel to shower and hit the road to get to bar Tonique for a homemade bloody Mary.   Then we tried to figure out how to take the trolley to packet pick-up...and ended up in a cab cause it was taking too long. The Shamrockin 8K started about a mile from where we stayed but ended well 5 miles away. We wandered around the Audubon Park a bit and finally found packet pick-up and figured out how to ride on the trolley on the way back. We

New Orleans Day 2

Morning came way too fast after staying out late. Plus an intense thunderstorm with serious thunder and lightening meant I was not overly rested for our 9 a.m. jogging tour. Luckily the rain turned into a drizzle and we didn't have to cancel. We met Kevin our jogging tour guide at the Old U.S. Mint and another nice couple form Kansas City and we were off. Brad and Angelina's House...they didn't invite us in for coffee. Rude. This tour was a great way to see New Orleans we ran around the French Market, through the streets of the French Quarter, along the Mississippi River Hello mighty  Mississippi river, apparently here it is 19 stories deep. through Jackson Square took up dueling in a famous alley known for smacks across the face followed by gunshots then it was across to the American side, down the trolley line to the Garden District with some stops in front of Sandra Bullock's, John Goodman's and the Manning's homes. Again, no inv

New Orleans Day 1

Last Thursday I got up at 4 a.m. because for some reason I think it is a good idea to leave way early on the first flight out of El Paso with the idea being we have most of the day at our destination of choice. This time New Orleans. Seems like less of a great idea when it is actually happening. Sarah, Michelle, Karen and I all made it to our 6 a.m. flight and touched down around noon in NOLA. After dumping our bags we hit up the Gazebo cafe for some hurricanes and real food in the form of gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice.  Hurricane- beverage of choice for this adventure. I instantly fell in love with New Orleans. Everyone was friendly. The French Quarter is lovely with the courtyards and balconies and you can drink in the street. Even with the first two days a bit rainy, it never lost its charm. After our quick snack we headed back to our hotel to change and head out for our cocktail tour. The cocktail tour was amazing. Our tour guide