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I'm Alive

I am still alive I swear- life has just been a bit crazy lately and when I get a quick minute and a half I will share the details. Until then just know this. Pool running is as boring as you think it is. Elipticalling (that is a word right...) for two and a half hours straight is even more boring. But My tendon is feeling much better So boring ass cross training for the win.

So now what....

Now that I have completed all of my running goals listed out under Bean's Goals  for your reading convenience I am in need of a new focus. I have gotten a few suggestions: 40 marathons before 40- this seems like a perfect fit number symmetry and all but that is a lot of freakin marathons. And marathons are hard so I am not ready to commit to that one. I will put it in the back pocket for now with the option to open that can of worms at a later date.  Triathlon- I swam in high school and do enjoy swimming although for some reason rounding up a suit, goggles, cap, towel and locating a swimming pool that is open at a time that is convenient for me to swim at seems to be a bit of a challenge at times. Of course the running part is pretty solid most days. It is just the biking. Currently I don't even own a bike, well I own a spin bike but I don't think that counts as it only has one wheel. I am also the world's worst biker. I fall. I fall hard. Usually on my face (th

Drum Roll Please....We have a winner

Thanks everyone for commenting. I wish I had registrations for you all.  But there can only be one. The winner of the Chicago Half Marathon Race Entry Giveaway is................... A free random number generator is a loved random number generator Went old school here Gabrielle July 17, 2013 at 7:53 AM Dulce de leche (....but in the summer more inclined toward fruity flavors...)! I would absolutely love to win the free entry: I'm still new to running and would love to make this my first half-marathon....I'm also moving to Chicago at the beginning of September and would love to have this be the way I celebrate moving to Chicago! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Gabrielle Congrats! We are excited to welcome you to Chicago with a splendid half marathon. This will be a fun inaugural race for you! And Dulce de Leche is a great flavor- I approve Gabrielle shoot me an email at so I have a way to contact you to get you registrati

30 X 13.1 = 393 miles of fun

So what does running 30 half marathons get you besides 393 miles of course supported running. Bling A whole heck of a lot of medals. There are a few marathon medals thrown in there but all but three are from the half marathons I have run. I love them all. Looking through them is a fun walk down memory lane. Gear Just about every race came with a t-shirt. These are but a few. One race came with a jacket, a few with long sleeve tech shirts, one with a sweatshirt, and one with running shorts. Honestly I should never really have to buy a running top again (and yet I do. Why are running clothes so fun to buy, wwhhhyyyyy). Being Pleasantly Surprised Every once in awhile I either grabbed an age group place or a Clydesdale place (embracing the Clyesdaleness because I will never weigh under 130 pounds- ice cream my heart belongs to you) which meant acquiring a plate, some southwestern art and a plaque. It was a pleasant surprise that validated the many hours I spent traini

The Most Traumatic Day

Had a Doctor appointment today and was told today there will be no running for at least four weeks. The doctor said she couldn't stop me from running but if I kept doing what I was doing without addressing the problems I have going I would be at the start line of my marathons hating life and not enjoying them at all. At first I was like But I couldn't hate her even though she was telling me such horrible news because the Doctor spent about two hours with me doing a full evaluation and developing a plan for me back to running and racing as soon as possible. In reality I have a whole lot of runner love for this Doctor. So the plan of action is cross train baby. Ugh cross training is the worse. NOPE, no it is the best because at least I can do that. So today I got myself a month pass to the local gym with a pool and elliptical that also happens to have yoga classes. So I am gonna do a lot of that. I am also going to use my spin bike like it has never been used before.

Chicago Half Marathon Race Entry Giveaway

Looking for a reason to come to the Windy City? Looking to fill that race schedule void that just happens to fall on September 8th? Wishing you could see me plod by in person? Well here is your chance. The lovely people at the Chicago Half Marathon have offered me and YOU, dear reader, a free entry to this year's Chicago Half Marathon. I KNOW! I am pretty excited about it too! Super important details of the race. It is September 8th It starts at Jackson Park You get to run on Lake Shore Drive (instead of sit in traffic on it) There will be bands, there will be aid stations, there will be portaaaaa pottieeeeesssssss Tech shirt and a medal (do you really need to know anything else people- there is a medal) Well if you do need to know more visit So come join me and other fun runners in our quest to obtain these: This image stolen from the Chicago Half Marathon facebook page Okay so how do you get the entry, well

Stripping Down on the Trail

I have run 51 miles this week. Holy crap. No wonder I am tired. This Hanson program really sticks it to you with high mileage. And the fact that this is the first week in a while I was able to do all the workouts is probably what resulted in a three hour nap yesterday. That amount of napping really eats into your day especially when it goes nap, wake up eat dinner, go to bed. Or maybe that is just the perfect Saturday. 14 of this weeks miles were on the Des Plaines River trail this morning. I suited up in my favorite running skirt, shoes and hydration pack for what I imagined would be a super sweat fest. I was not wrong. So putting ice cubes and ice water in your hydration pack is the best thing ever. Keeps you cooler longer and is just so much more refreshing then warm water. I am slow to catch on. For once being unable to get up and get moving with any sort of speed paid off. The trail doesn't open until 6:30 so when I rolled up at 6:22 there was some waiting involved unti

Recipe for a Perfect Vacation

The key to any great vacation is to make sure you surround yourself with awesome people. Take time to smell the roses. If you have time, this is best done in a rose garden. Find the beauty in art    And take frequent breaks to enjoy it  Make new friends Take in the natural beauty of the area  Oh and get in a few runs of course. While in Minneapolis besides my 30th half marathon I was able to get in two runs around the beautiful lakes in the area and net a total of 28 miles last week which is more than I have run in awhile. My ankle/foot situation is feeling the same but running doesn't seem to bother it any more than it is bothered so I am going to run until I see the doctor next Wednesday because I am a runner and we are crazy. The good news is I feel back on track for marathon training doing a speed workout Tuesday and a tempo run this morning. Whoop!

Red, White and BOOM Half Marathon Race Review

Well ladies and gentlemen- goal complete. I still can't believe that I accomplished my goal. I never doubted that I would (okay after some particularly not fun races or when I had an injury there was a bit of doubt). If I am good at anything it is finding races, registering and man handling race day logistics. This race was the perfect way to end my journey.  Red, White and BOOM takes place in Minneapolis on the 4th of July. This just happens to be the city my best friend since 7th grade resides. Match made in pancake making, adventure going, ice cream consuming heaven.  This race starts at 6:30 a.m. in downtown Minneapolis. The course is a very nice and scenic course along the river, neighborhoods, across some beautiful bridges with some amazing views and is relatively flat except for the few massive hills thrown in for giggles.  See that big hill in the distance- it was twice as big to run up on the other side.  Exceptional cheering crew not included with ever