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After working Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and everyone making it out alive with only a few people throwing out unnecessary attitude I am very much this As the year comes to an end I like to reflect on what I am thankful for and all that has gone on in the past year. Here it goes.... Adventures: I have gotten to do some amazing things this year! I an thankful that I am able to travel and do so many fun things and know so many fun people to have adventures with. Vegas Baby Zion National Park Sedona, Arizona Grand Canyon, Arizona Balmorhea State Park, Texas Taos, NM Minneapolis, MN DC Philly Friends: Old and new. I have some amazing friends who I have known forever and they just can't shake me and I have had the opportunity to make new friends this year. Old or new, I so appreciate their willingness to hang with me. My job: I get paid to there is that. Even though when

Philadelphia Marathon

or more accurately the time I started a marathon and finished a half marathon. Six months ago when my friend Kelcey brought up the idea of the Philadelphia marathon I was all in. Even though I was already set to do two other marathons before Philadelphia. In the end it ended up being a bit too much marathon fun for me to handle. But I am glad I am insane and said yes because I had an awesome time with Kelcey even if it included 'only' 13.1 miles for me. Feeling welcomed at the race expo  Both Kelcey and I flew into Philly around the same time Friday. After grabbing a taxi for a bit of a terrifying ride through city traffic and checking into our hotel located in the Old City we headed out to Market Street to find some dinner at Sto's Bar. The food was good but the bar was filled with loud youths so we didn't hang out long there cause I embrace my inner senior citizen and after awhile I want to shake my fist and yell at them to get off my lawn. I guess this is

Franklin Mountains Trail Run 10K

This past weekend I decided it was a good idea to run a trail race seven days before my next marathon. What could go wrong? Luckily, nothing did. I stayed upright and besides sore quads everything feels fine.  Trail Running Over Texas  put on the Franklin Mountain Trail Run  this past Saturday. There was a 50k, half marathon, 10k and 5k distance. Luckily some common sense won out and I registered for the 10K. Thank god. This trail race was no joke. Hats off to my friend Michelle who did the half, she is one tough cookie!  Packet pick-up Friday afternoon my friend Sarah and I headed to the packet pick-up located in a hotel conference room. Packet pick-up was small. A small Altra table was set up and some Trail Running Over Texas swag was for sale but other than that it was all business, number, timing band, race swag. The end. Easy enough. It seemed super tiny and unimpressive but I have been to two huge marathons lately so my sense of scale and appropriate size is probably a

Catching Up

Oh yeah I blog. Not been very good about that lately. Also have not been very good about running, or cross training or really anything that doesn't involve eating leftover Halloween candy and falling asleep on the couch watching HGTV at 6:30 p.m. because it is now dark by lunch time. Apparently running two marathons back to back kinda wore me out. The last few days I have finally kinda sort of felt like running. It was touch and go there for awhile and thank goodness for my training groups and the dog or I would not have any reasons at all to get moving. I was lucky enough to have family come visit me the last few days. My sister who is a Vet also is a certified acupuncturist for animals. I think this is pretty cool and made her stick me in my forever sore left foot to try it out. Now I do not condone seeing veterinarians for human ailments but I figured my sister couldn't resist paying me back for all those times I annoyed her growing up by sticking me full of needles.