September in Review

Miles run this month: 125.7 - pretty sure most I have ever done in one month.
YTD: 780.5
Shortest run: 2 miles
Longest: 16 miles
Half marathons: Oak Brook 1/2 and Crystal Lake 1/2
Cross training: vague memories of biking, lifting and yoga = probably not enough

Things to work on this month. Stretching, rolling, and cross training. Hmmm yes same ole, same ole.

I have four half marathons in October. Two in one weekend. Let the crazy begin.
Prairie State Half 10/6
Double Header Weekend: Des Plains Trail Half & Chicago Monster Dash Half 10/20-10/21
Skeleton Skamper 10/27
-Am thinking need costume like outfit or black and orange something to wear to Halloween runs.

On the agenda for this week.
Monday- rest day/ yoga
Tuesday- 4 mi/ lift
Wed- 8 mi/ yoga
Thur- 7 mi/ lift
Friday- nada
Saturday- Prairie State 1/2
Sunday- 4 mi
Total: 36.1 mi
The name of the game is easy miles and I might drop the Thursday run depending on how much rest I want before Saturday.

Any costume ideas for the Halloween runs?
Has anyone ever run in costume?


  1. Wow, 4 half-marathons in one month! You are my hero ;) I've never run in a costume before but a Halloween race sounds like fun

  2. You should get one of those pumpkin costumes and run in it. It'd be comfy and I would laugh hysterically! :)

  3. I have an orange running skirt that I have worn a lot of times, not just at Halloween. I wore it for my zombie 1/2 in Alaska with a Halloween hello kitty shirt. Great month!

  4. 4 halves in one month? Crazy girl!! Gutsy girl!!!! SO impressed!!


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