Today I went back to the social security office. I came prepared this time. I had made peace with the fact that hours of my life would be spent in a plastic chair at this office and brought reinforcements.
Kindle, Magazine, water and a snack (wasabi peas, weird and random but all I could find in the cabinet). And then I only had to wait about 20 minutes. Pretty painless this time. No bomb threats, no mass crowds of humanity. Never, ever go to a government office on a Monday. Lesson learned.

The D is graduating from the U of A this weekend so family is coming to town. This meant I had to go to the grocery store to stock up and came away with this
It seems bigger in person, this picture is not doing it justice.
Largest bottle of champagne I have ever seen. We are going to celebrate hardcore this weekend.

I also had a coupon for cliff bars and guess what happened again
Look at the one on the far right. Ahhhhhh how do I keep ending up with oatmeal raisin walnut in my cart. It must be because it is greenish like the cool mint chocolate but why are so many oatmeal raisin walnut of death cliff bars in the delicious cool mint chocolate boxes? What kind of cruel joke is this? (Chocolate brownie was on purpose, trying to expand my horizons, but not with walnut anything)
I made it go sit with the other one. Stay with your own kind oatmeal raisin yuckiness stop trying to mingle with the cool mint flavor. Not having it.

On to the main event. So about two weeks ago I decided to give Nuun a try since everyone and their mother who  is a runner majorly hearts this stuff. So I bought this
This little tube cost me $7 and I am not even sad because it is delicious
 And the next day found the mother load of Nuun on sale at my local grocery store. Clear out price of $2.99.
 So I bought the mother load. Please do not do the math. Yes a lot of money was spent on Nuun but not as much as could have been spent on Nuun. That is what is important

And I must say the lemon-lime flavor is very tasty. Have not tried the berry but am sure is also tasty.
Nuun art
But I have way more Nuun than is probably necessary. So I have been contemplating holding a giveaway. I must embrace the fact that there will be math and a trip to the post office. But I am about 99% sure it is going to happen so stay tuned for possible free Nuunage.


  1. I'm super jealous of your nuun sale! That is an awesome deal.

  2. I think I've mentioned this before, but I like the size of your alcoholic beverages!

    You have rockin' Nuun art skills! Makes me want to try it!


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