Mount Lemmon Eve Round Two

Yesterday I headed over to Fleet Feet to pick up my race packet for the Mount Lemmon Half. It was a quick pick-up, there were no expo booths unless you count the entire running store as an expo. Which I did.

Shirt: I think an improvement over last year

They also gave us water bottles. My guess is that they were left over from last year since it is last year's logo.  My powers of deduction are incredible I know.
 I had a $25 voucher to use at Fleet Feet (if you sign-up to be a member for every gazillion you spend (all right $200) you get $25 to use in the store. Getting to the $200 limit is pretty easy if you buy running shoes there and geriatric flip flops. My goal was to buy some Nuun. I have been wanting to try it. I also want to be on their hood to coast relay team next year if they once again sponsor female bloggers. Some of my favorite bloggers are on their teams this year and I think it would be so much fun. I figure the first step is to invest in the product whose company you want to run for so when you make a youtube video explaining why you love Nuun and why they should pay for your sweaty butt to sit in their van and run for their company you know what you are talking about.
Classy sideways shot
And guess what Nuun is da bomb. I was skeptical, a tab you drop in water that has no sugar did not look appetizing. But it tasted good and for around 3 calories has a lot less impact on my waistline than say Gatorade. I got the strawberry lemonade flavor and it is all kinds of awesome. I am thinking it will be a great re-hydrating tool while training this summer. 

So once I had Nuun in hand I should have just moved to the checkout area but no I made the mistake of heading over to the recovery wall in the store where there is compression items and saw these. 
 And then one of the store employees came over and we got to talking about compression and recovery and next thing I knew I had hot pink CEP compression socks on and they were compression gold. And then I started doing the math. "These socks are super expensive, but I have my $25 coupon thing so they are really only just expensive, not super expensive. How great would these feel after running Mount Lemmon Sunday. Pretty dang great. And they are pink. And CEP is one of the best brands around and you have been wanting to try a pair. They would come in really handy this summer if you are going to be upping the long runs and doing more back to back days of running. I don't only want these, I NEED these."

So yeah that happened.
 And I can not wait to wear them on Sunday after my run. I would wear them during but I don't want to try something new on a half that will take me a billion years to complete so I will save the awesomeness for after. I might even use a drop bag so I can take them up the mountain with me to put on right after. Yep me and my socks are pretty tight.

Today is all about resting and eating some carbs and then tomorrow I am off to do half #15!


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