Training Week 10-2-2017 to 10-8-2017

I realized several things this week in training
1) I had not taken a rest day since Sept 1st, which probably contributed to my overall rundown feeling this week and case for backing off a bit. Work has been a lot lately as well with evening events, lots of projects and the overall I am kind of doing multiple jobs since we are down some staff in my office tiredness.
2) I do not enjoy evening workouts because it means less time at home hanging with my favorite person and 2 favorite canines.

This training week was a bit less than I have been doing though still a lot. I did take a rest day which was much needed. For next week, less evening workouts, because I want to be home more. Live and learn.

Monday: AM Swam, then worked through lunch and stayed a bit late at work so that was it for the day.

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles with 5 X 30 second surges of speed with 30 second recovery in the middle. Lifted weights and took a pilates class

Wednesday: Climbed uphill on the treadmill for an hour, lifted weights and took a barre class. Also worked late...

Thursday: Intended to run 3 miles with 3 min running/ 1 min walking intervals but only got 2.5 miles in before I had to hit the road for a conference in Denver. Note to self-you slow, budget more time. 3 miles takes longer than 30 minutes right now. Spent all day at a conference and then had to work an evening event until around 7:30 so that was it for the day.

Friday: Woke up exhausted and with the beginnings of a cold... so took the day off from working out.

Saturday: Woke up with a cold but ignored it and got my five miles in. The first mile was a nice easy pace, the next two were around 10:30 because I ran in an event for my brewers cup team and running with people always makes me push a little harder. The last two miles were slow and painful. I know that this run was supposed to push me and it did. It was just tough reminding myself that while I was running. Five miles used to be my like daily staple run and now it is the longest run I have done in a year. Afterwards I was very sore and had blisters because my body is not used to running and my feet are now delicate flowers. The rest of the day was spent resting and trying to get rid of my cold.

Sunday: Woke up feeling a bit better and because it is supposed to snow tomorrow decided that I needed to get out in the sunshine. The hubs and I did a 4 mile hike up to Pulpit Rock and back from our house. It was beautiful.

So overall ran/walked 10.5 miles and got some serious cross training in. Not bad.


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