Last running week in El Paso

After a week full of running hills and hills with a side of hills, last Monday I felt somewhat over running. So instead I jumped on the spin bike for thirty minutes and did some body weight exercises and called it good.

Tuesday I went to Up and Running for one last Tuesday night run. My friend Michelle was nice enough to go with me on my favorite route and then was nice enough to not make fun of my when I bowed out after three miles because I was dying in the heat. Running in high 80s is just not my thing.

Wednesday I woke up like this

for absolutely no reason. And then I stayed grumpy for the rest of the day so besides walking the dog and sulking around nothing really happened.

Thursday I rallied and headed off for one last run on my favorite trail, Lazy Cow. Running to the trail, the trail and home from the trail is about 9 miles. Good enough. Saw some baby bunnies and hummingbirds so that was fun.

Friday woke up and put on running clothes and then got distracted with trying to get the cleaning and handing off of our rental house taken care of, dealing with last minute doctor crap and generally just too much time on the telephone. Luckily Max demanded a walk or nothing would have happened.

Saturday I put on the running clothes that were never ran in and ran about 5 miles in the desert. After it being really warm and weirdly humid I will say I am looking forward to cooler than 70 degree morning temps in Colorado.

Sunday I met up with my my friends Karen, Karin and Martin for a 9 mile loop down the banks of the Rio Grande and back on the canals through the valley.

 It was one of the most fun runs I have done in awhile.

Then we headed to brunch and met up with more friends for a final 'until we meet again'. I did pretty good and didn't cry at the brunch but then when I got home and showed the husband the card and gifts they gave me .....tears. It is always sad to part ways with friends.

 It is moving week. Fingers crossed everything goes fairly smoothly and stress is kept to a minimum.


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