Freckle Face

So I was recently reminded again and then again that I have a lot of freckles. In fact every time I see a doctor of any kind they point it out. Something like "Wow you have a lot of freckles" is said. Or "You know you have a lot of freckles". Yes I do have a lot and I do know because they are on my body. Thank you Captain Obvious. No that is not what I say. I say yes I do but I wear sunscreen everyday and wear a hat when I am outside blah blah avoid the sun when possible blah blah. That being said my pale, freckly prone self is outside a lot and will continue to be outside a lot until I heed the advice of one doctor which was to stay out of the sun completely (this seems a bit unrealistic) and decide to take up dwelling in a cave or become a vampire. 

Unfortunately I recently found out that the sunscreen I was using is not really that great (read the article and get sunscreen ratings here). So I have upgraded the sun protection all around. Here is what works for me in case there are any other pale, freckled runners out there. For the face, neck, ears it is Alba or Blue Lizard brand (light weight, absorbs easily, smells fine, seems to stay put for at least an hour) and for the body Sawyer. Now Sawyer sunscreen seems to be the best for pale, freckly types because it does not come off. It is the only sunscreen I have found that really is sweat proof. I have never gotten burned wearing this sunscreen. 

The downside is that it also doesn't really come off well in the shower. You have to scrub. Like put your back into it scrub to get it to come off. The staying power is great but I am slightly worried that after a summer spent basically living outside and backpacking and of course wearing lots of sunscreen for three months that I will just be encased in a block of it. And don't forget sunscreen for your lips.

I also have a slight hat obsession and have quite a few running hats. Brooks Run Happy Hats are lightweight and breathable and North Face Better Than Naked Hats are amazing. All of these can be thrown in the wash which is key cause so much sweating. And of course I will rock a sparkle visor any day of the week and one day hope to have one in every color. My latest hat family addition is my new backpacking sun hat (I am sure the doctors would be thrilled to know I have taken on yet another hobby that is done completely outdoors and in the sun). 

Wide brim and adjustable chin strap just scream adventure. And there are magnets on the side so I can do this!

I like to think of this as the emergency safari feature. In case you randomly find yourself on a safari and you were dressed for backpacking. Boom safari chic.

Hopefully all this sunscreen and all these hats will keep the sun damage to a minimum this summer. The hiking hat is just the tip of the iceberg on the new gear obtained for summer adventures. Yes there is an activity more pricey than running. Well yes, cycling,.....but also backpacking! The last few weeks I have been planning an amazing National Parks tour for this summer and I can't wait to get started!


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