75 things I love about El Paso

Because original ideas are hard to come by and I am leaving this area I thought I would copy my friend Cat's idea of listing the 75 things I loved about living in the El Paso area. Some of the things on the list are outside of El Paso put happened because I got to live here. Be sure to check out her list of the Bay Area. She has 100 things but then she is also a bit of an overachiever ;). This is also to counteract all of my whining recently about the Army, the heat, allergies, pokey things....etc...etc....etc...

1. My amazing running friends (they by far have been the biggest happiness factor for me living in El Paso. I will miss running and brunching with them so much.)

2. The lack of snow and bitter cold
3. All the sunshine
4. Up and Running
5. Riviera's Tacos
6. Carlos & Mickey's Margaritas
7. Lazy Cow Trail
8. Tuesday night runs
9. My house's proximity to Orange Leaf
10. The 3 mile running loop on base

11. Camping in Ruidoso
12. White Sands National Monument
13. Mckelligan Canyon
14. Scenic Drive

15. Sierra Vista Trail
16. Ardovino's Farmers Market
17 Ardovino's Brunch
18. Block restaurant
19. Las Cruces Farmers Market
20. Easy access to Horchata
21. Spring flowers in the desert
22. Team Run Therapy
23. UTEP Campus
24. El Paso Marathon/ Half Marathon
25. The canals
26. Mount Cristo Rey

27. Mundy's Gap
28. Roundtop Trail Runs
29. The Nail Bar
30. The Running Event
31. Snow in the desert
32. Dripping Springs
33. Carlsbad Caverns
34. Franklin Mountain Trail Run
35. Rosewell Alien Museum

36. Walk A Mile Event
37. Oktoberfest Night Run
38. Adventures in Taos
39. Adventures in Angel Fire
40. ABQ Balloon festival

41. Hiking in Cloudcroft
42. Caliche's Frozen Custard in Alamogordo
43. Opportunity to run a race every weekend if I wanted
44. Transmountain Half Marathon
45. Running along the Rio
46. Ability to run in two states (Texas and NM) during one run
47. Cattleman's
48. Run for a Margarita
49. Lady dates
50. Hot Yoga with Chris Berunda
51. St. Clair Winery
52. Saddle blanket
53. Chihuahua's baseball
54. Bataan Memorial Death March
55. Occasionally placing in my age group in 5ks here
56. Holiday parties at the Rowley House

57. Speedwork on El Paso H.S. track
58. Hatch chilies
59. Sparky's burgers
60. Queso fundido
61, Rim Road
62. Carnitas Queretaro 
63. Balmorhea State Park
64. Vado trail
65. Mexican food as far as the eye can see
66. Running adventures in New Orleans

67, Running adventures in Phoenix
68. Running adventures in the Grand Canyon
69. Celebrating holidays with the Olivas Family
70. Hummingbirds
71. Jackrabbits
72. Killer thunderstorms
73. Wearing shorts and flip flops year round
74. Backyard blackberry bush
75. Prickly Pear Mimosas 

Thanks El Paso for the good times! We are off to Colorado.


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