What's Next for Team Bean

I haven't been very good at this whole blogging thing lately. I think it might be because D and I are in a kind of holding pattern. He is being medically retired from the Army but we are waiting for the last paperwork to go through which can take between 10 and  60 days.....so thanks for narrowing that down....

 So we are just kinda waiting around (read: watching a lot of Netflix), selling stuff (bye, bye furniture), organizing and getting ready to move and put our stuff (artwork and dishes basically) in storage. But hey at least it is spring!

We have decided to adopt the gypsy lifestyle for awhile while we figure out what is next. It is hard not to panic and search frantically for employment but after much discussion we have decided we have kind of an amazing opportunity to get some bucket list stuff done. So we plan on spending some extended time in Colorado and California over the next year or so. Our main goal (if the Army will ever release us back into the wild) is to get in as much backpacking as possible this summer and tour many of the National Parks. I hope to practice my photography and get more confident in extended outside time in nature. Get used to carrying 30 pounds on my back and not screaming every time something icky touches me.

Our big plan in 2017 is to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail together. Six months, 2650 miles, one inexperienced backpacker (me), what could go wrong (nothing, nothing is going to go wrong....). I am pretty excited about this goal. Don't be surprised if the blog moves a bit away from running and more into the backpacking/ outdoor adventure realm for awhile while we change our life up a bit. I still plan to run and race but it will probably be happening less frequently. Excited for the adventures to come!


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