The best things about coaching

I have a pretty kick ass job. While there is a bit of retail weirdness involved sometimes

but for the most part the people I deal with on a regular basis are my kinda people...runners!

The best thing about my job is being the run coach for the store. I basically have a giant group of people who are my running buddies. 

Some of the best things about coaching:
1) Seeing people get more confident in their abilities over time
2) Getting to run with all types of people
3) Getting to run all over the El Paso area
4) Getting runners started with our couch to 5k programs
5) Having couch to 5k runners progress from run/walk to completing a 10k to training for a half marathon. It is pretty great to have people stick with me for multiple training programs.
6) Starting new running programs

7) Living vicariously through them while I am not running

I realized last week how much I enjoy running with my training groups when I couldn't. I feel super frustrated when they are out their being awesome and I am stuck not running. But it is still exciting to watch them make progress every week and before long I hope to be trailing behind them. Cause they are all turning into running beasts and I am not sure I can keep up!


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