I'm Baaaaaack

Long time no blog....
I don't really have an excuse. I just didn't feel like it one day. And that one day turned into a week and that week somehow freakin turned in to a few months. Time really flies when you are not documenting your every move on your own website or the website you have 'borrowed' from blogspot. Thanks Google.

Maybe it was the fact that I now talk about running all day everyday in real life between being the run coach for the local running store and a personal trainer I just didn't feel like talking about it on here. Or maybe I just burnt out on talking about myself....no probably not it. Or maybe I just got lazy....could be it.

But then today I kinda missed it. So I decided to start blogging again. Because I realized that my blog, while housing numerous posts about me talking about nothing using super awful grammar, it also houses some pretty awesome memories of trips and races I have done. And in the span of not blogging I did some pretty kick ass things, didn't blog about them and now my tiny brain only vaguely remembers what happened. Some of the highlights of the last few months...that I can remember in no particular order and with vague detail....

Found some aliens in Roswell NM

Hit up the local National Park

for some sweet stalagmites and stalactites 

Ran some awesome trails with my trail group and on my own

Ran the Historic half with one of my brothers. It was hilly and humid and the medal was cool...probably more involved but since I didn't blog about it....ehhhh I kinda don't remember.

Met Alan Culpepper, cause you know me and Olympic runners, we're tight yo. Then I ran one of my most favorite 5ks. Finished in 25 minutes and got margaritas after, it is the perfect combo.

Also ran a half marathon at the Grand Canyon with my friend Sarah. It was trail. I loved it. It snowed. There was probably more involved. 

Both my sisters graduated and have since found jobs. Couldn't be more proud. Lets see what else....

I am currently gearing up for the Angel Fire Ragnar, Twin Cities Marathon, Marine Corp Marathon, and Philadelphia Marathon by not running. Oh that's right. I have a very bad case of posterior tibial tendinitis and can't run....that may have something to do with missing running and talking about running. Instead I fill my days with weights, elliptical and spinning all done in a slightly angry I am not running fashion (and my slightly angry I mean fueled by hate fire). I should be up and running (though possibly is questionable shape) for all of these upcoming adventures. (Fun side note: At first I thought the tendon was torn due to an MRI report and went through a very serious weekend roller coaster of emotion where I thought all my upcoming runs would have to be postponed or cancelled and it was super tragic....first world problems. But two other docs said not torn just super inflamed so hoping they are right. Got off the roller coaster. All should be well soon). But what I didn't want to do was not document them. So I am back to blogging. 

Get ready world. Numerous posts filled with running or me being angry about not running and other randomness are back.


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