Hot Yoga

One of the lovely runners I train is a yoga instructor and last week she invited me to attend one of her classes.....of hot initial reaction was

followed by asking ridiculous questions like....

"What if I pass out and hit my head on the floor?"
"Will it kill me?"
"Has anyone ever died?"

I am sure she immediately regretted that invitation. Hot yoga has always been intimidating to me. I am not good at normal temperature yoga. The idea of so much heat and yoga at one time was just too much. But after asking the spouse if he was game we decided to give it a go cause I am trying this thing where I try new things and try to stop being a curmudgeon. Change is hard.

So Sunday we showed up with our yoga mats and towels and fear. We walked into the room and were hit by a wave of heat. I immediately started sweating buckets. While we sat there waiting for the class to start all I could think was 

And then we started and I had to concentrate so hard on not falling over that after awhile the heat didn't even bother me. I was more concerned about knocking other people over. There were a few times like when I was trying to hold a super sweaty leg in place which is impossible when you are sweating non-stop at a high rate that it almost was too much for me. But overall I really enjoyed it. Afterwards I felt great. My aches and pains from running where gone and I felt long and lean. I think I might even go back. This is why I should try new things. Sometimes a 105 degree room while doing yoga sequences is not as bad as it seems.....or I may still  just be dehydrated.....


  1. This made me laugh so hard!

    I have a question - did you think/look into the effect of hot yoga on your heart? I have this feeling somewhere in my mind that I shouldn't go in steam rooms because of my heart (and I always feel a bit panicky in them) and one of the (many, myriad, countless) reasons I've stayed away from hot yoga is because of that!

    1. No effect on heart. I thought it might make me dizzy but no. It is pretty slow going in the class so doesn't elevate the heart rate too much.

  2. I studied once to be a yoga instructor and part of the training was internship. I had to take 20 hours of yoga classes and I chose to do some of them as hot yoga. I loved it so much I did 2 classes in one day. The instructor thought I was crazy too.


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