Adventure Time Part 2: Zion

Below are a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of pictures from Zion but it is just so beautiful there. On Saturday after the half marathon we hiked Angel's Landing. Now I recall this being my idea but while it was happening I didn't really want to claim it as my idea. 

View from Campsite

We apparently only hike trails that are marked with a stick figure falling off a cliff. Comforting. 
Now Angel's Landing is only about five miles round trip but it is like 100% vertical. We had to park a bit away from the trail head due to everyone else wanting to also hike here so we got in about an extra seven miles that day on top of our half marathon.

The first few miles are paved and while sheer not too scary and beautiful the whole time. If you ever find yourself on this hike don't forget to look up and around when you are not wheezing your way up/ bent over with hands on knees praying for a flat section.

After about two miles of strenuous uphill climbing on a fairly wide but steep path you get to the fun part. And by fun part I mean the terrifying part that involves chains and steep drop offs and causes the sign at the bottom that says seven climbers have died here since 2007 to rattle around in your head.
See the top of that peak thing there that was the end of the climb. All edges and chains and getting up close and personal with the people coming down as I refused to let go of the chain. Sorry but you have to go around. Yep I was that person. The person chanting under my breathe that I was not afraid of heights. Comforting to those around me I am sure. 

But the view made it totally worth it. I mean how amazing is that. 

Proof I made it to the top! 

Me and my shaking legs and dead arms from their death grip on every chain and rock possible were very happy to make it to the bottom again. I would recommend this hike for the views but only if you are not afraid of heights. A couple people from our group stayed back from the hardest part of the climb and while I was climbing applauded how smart they were. After this climb we were done for the day. A half marathon and a strenuous climb called for mexican food and margaritas and sweet, sweet laying down.

The next day the shuttle buses through the park were in business (very convenient perk with this park and a lot easier than driving and parking when crowded)  so we jumped on on one of those and again headed to a trail head that involved this.....

Hidden Canyon was our destination and again it was up and up and up. Feel the burn.

There is maintained trail for the first few miles but once you make it to the canyon you are on your own. Flash floods make the canyon interesting to get through and require some scrambling/ climbing. At a certain point I came to a spot I knew I couldn't get up without probably falling backwards into a giant puddle to I stayed behind with my friend and waited for those better at climbing to continue on.

Just a little drop off......
Once everyone was done with Hidden Canyon we jumped the shuttle and headed toward the Emerald Pools trail head. This was the only one that didn't involve chains/ scary heights.

Overall I had an amazing time at Zion. If you ever get the chance to visit - GO! It helps if you go with a really fun bunch of people. Thanks to my awesome adventures friends for inviting me! I had the best time with you all!

Below are my two favorite pictures from Zion:


  1. Gorgeous! (or should I say, gorge-ous! Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

  2. I have been so slack on the comments lately...sorry love. This looks amazing, I need to go here. But those stairs, I bet your quads were shaky like jelly the next day!!


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