Training Week- Dec 1st - 7th

Last week was a tough week. A cold kinda took me down. But on the upside I lifted two times last week.

Monday- Sick

Tuesday- Woke up feeling terrible but felt better throughout the day. Was able to run an easy 4 with my half training group.

Wednesday- Lifted weights. Ran with couch to 5k group

Thursday- Easy three miles.

Friday- Track workout. Finally felt well enough to pick it up a bit. One mile warm-up.
Mile 2- 8:17
Mile 3- 8:39
Mile 4- 8:08
One mile cool-down. 5 miles total, Lifted weights

Saturday- 4 miles with my training group.

Overall not a great mileage week but a cold will do that to you.

The past few weeks I have been thinking about what I want to do in 2015. It feels like I have not raced in awhile so I am looking forward to pounding the pavement, dreaming big and of course, collecting more medals! I am excited for 2015 running adventures!


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