Training Week Nov 3rd - 9th

Well this week I attempted to lift weights and therefore felt like I had been hit by a truck most of the week. For some weird reason doing something new and working out in a harder way makes me sore.....huh. Just kidding! Of course it makes me sore and I accept that, but at the same time it is a bit of a trade off with running. Lifting weights is good for me but it does make it harder for me to run well since my legs feel like dead weight and every other inch of me is complaining with every stride. I also know that it takes at least thirty days to embrace a new habit so I am gonna keep at it and eventually it will not be so dang dramatic around here. How many people who know me/ work with me know I lifted weights this week? Oh all of them. I am a sharer when I feel like death.

True confession time- I only lifted heavy twice this week and my goal was three times. Something to work on for next week.

Monday- Sore from the trail run so postpone track workout to Tuesday and only lift. Tuesday I see why this was a very bad idea.
Weight workout: military press with alternating arms/ deadlifts/ curls/ lunges/ tricep extensions/ plie squats/ back pulls/ squats/ hamstring ball rolls and bridges/ ab balances/ push-ups

Tuesday: Train with a client then do my own workout of a mile warm-up/ mile cool down and 10 800s with a 200 walk recovery. Body is so sore negotiate with myself the whole time- just do four, just do two more, just get to eight. Only two left don't be a quitter.
1- 4.51- scared hamstrings will explode since so sore from lifting. Realize that they will not so try and pick up the pace.
2- 4.03
3- 4.04
4- 4.03
5- 4.13
6- 4.07
7- 4.09
8- 4.08
10- 4.18- last two were super tough and the wheels kind of came off a bit.
Ideally I would like to get them all around 4 minutes flat. I will do this workout in a few months and see if I have improved at all. Later that day feel like death but run 3 miles with the group run at the store and that kinda loosens things up a bit.

Wednesday: Lift weights- same routine as Monday. Stretch and roll for a long time.

Thursday: Run while training for about 2 miles and then 3 miles on base.

Friday: Tempo run- holy heck this was hard. Warm-up mile and the goal was 6 miles under 9:10 preferably getting faster each mile. That is not exactly what happened.
mile 1- 9:02
mile 2- 9:03
mile 3-8;53
mile 4-8:57
mile 5-9:10
Somewhere in there I had to take a slow mile and a few breathers cause my legs could just not hack it. Hamstrings were like ummmmmm NOPE.
But overall not bad and then a mile cool down.
Later I was going to lift weights, instead I laid around staring at the ceiling exhausted and it didn't happen.

Saturday and Sunday:  Rest!

Overall I got some nice speed work in. Dropped the mileage back down- 23 miles for the week. Next week mileage will go back up and my goal will be to lift Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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