A Difficult Relationship

Moving is hard. Missing friends, my running tribe, my running routes. I just need time to meet people, create a new tribe, explore the area.

Health issues are hard. Two months of stress and worry to find out I am mostly okay....still waiting for the final word on September 10th. But in the mean time I can run and that is the important part and except for a funny beating heart the rest of me is pretty dang healthy.

Getting back in shape is hard. I have not been making it any easier due to the fact that my favorite running route starts with a two mile uphill climb followed by a few miles of ankle twisting, big rocked trails and then back home with a quad crushing downhill. Oh and lifting weights on a regular basis has made simple life tasks extra difficult (I swear I would put the plates away if I could just raise my arms).

Things have seemed hard lately. Even knowing why sometimes doesn't make it easier.

The last few weeks have been a bit extra frustrating in the running department. After two months of inactivity I have felt like I have been back at square zero. Every run has been a difficult, sweaty, mouth breathing, slow crawl. I can feel shin splints coming on which I am not loving (see above comment about uphill/downhill route). Whether outside or on the treadmill I could not find the groove. The part I love about running, that effortless feeling of covering ground, has been missing. Except for the Wild West Relay, me and running have been having a difficult relationship. Just stop fighting me running.

But yesterday....yesterday I finally found it. For two short miles running no longer felt hard and I finally found my groove. Good form, easy turnover, faster than a crawl. Finally I felt like I was making some progress in getting back in shape. Running finally felt easy. And that is a good feeling.


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