True Story

After not running for a month and then trying to run I have discovered that 

oh and that

I did a HIIT run on the treadmill yesterday because I decided to play it safe and run on the treadmill in my house because I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen.....( my leg could fall off, I could get lost, it is hot outside, I like climate control, treadmill seems safe considering two days ago I thought I had an alien heart....there were a lot of excuses).

Well there was a lot of loud mouth breathing and an embarrassing amount of sweating. I would appear to be rather out of shape. But the good news is I can still run....kinda like riding a bicycle I guess and I did manage to run 4.66 miles in 45 minutes. So to any Wild West Relay members who may be reading this I apologize for the great amount of time I will spend on the course during my legs. Good thing we are starting at the earliest possible time. Yay for 5 a.m. start times!!!! Oh and I also did Pilates for an hour because I figure a strong core is the only thing that may save me at this point.


  1. Having been sidelined before, you'll be amazed how quickly your lungs will bounce back. It may take about a week but they'll fall in line a lot faster than you might think they will! Great job getting back out there, glad you kept it safe and stayed indoors, probably a wise move!

  2. lol, your "run after not running forever" was still substantially faster than I can run. Yay!

  3. Totally understand where you're coming from! At least you only took a month off. I haven't really run since the Chicago Marathon 2013 and am not proud to admit that I am now following a 5K training program (Hal Higdon's Novice no less) to get my rear back in gear. You'll get back to speed in no time! Keep it up!

    1. That is great that you are back at it. I think we all need a break sometimes. Couch to 5K is what I used to get started running! Whatever gets you going!


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