Fun tidbits about moving

I interrupt the non-stop chatter about running to bring you fun tidbits about always moving. And by fun tidbits I mean things that for some reason bug the crap out of me about moving all the time even though you would think by now (5+ moves in the last 8 years, this blog alone has been brought to you from the great states of Arizona, Illinois and Georgia ) I would be over it. Well I am not.

Condiments. It is a vicious cycle with the condiments. We are either new at a place wondering where the ketchup is only to realize we don't have ketchup because we had to dispose of all the condiments at the last house OR trying to give away our ketchup to a neighbor or friend because everyone knows what your neighbor or friend wants is a half used bottle of ketchup. Now this doesn't seem like a big deal but if you think about all the salad dressing, bbq sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustards, olives, pickles, etc you have in the doors of your fridge it becomes a lot of stuff you are either creatively trying to use up or pawn off. For some reason the "creative" dinners of fish, with a side of frozen waffles, tater tots and canned peas don't bother me like the condiments do. Dinners get interesting around here towards the end and that is just kinda fun or reminiscent of a Fear Factor episode, all about your perspective. Now who needs a half empty bottle of spicy mustard?

Mail. We don't even get that much mail. I don't know why I stress about this so much. I guess I am just waiting for that rich unknown relative to die, leave me millions and the only way I will be notified of this is by post. WHAT IF I MISS IT!!! Forwarding mail stresses me out- will it get there? Putting a hold on mail stresses me out- will they actually hold it? And this time we don't have an address so it is on hold indefinitely. We are just gonna show up to El Paso and figure it all out while I try not to hyperventilate about my mail (but like seriously mostly credit card apps and ads, I need to calm the heck down). 

Being the new kid. I used to be worse at this mostly because I was a judgy a**hole in my younger years.    
Because you know I am the greatest thing since sliced bread. No really, yesterday I made cookies WHILE I snacked on Oreos. Seriously baked cookies while eating cookies (I may be eating my emotions, have I mentioned I don't want to leave my friends). I should judge exactly no one. EVER. Luckily I got over myself and am more open to meeting new people and making new friends. But no matter how much I like meeting new people and making new friends I am still kinda awkward and find it intimidating to talk to strangers.

Okay enough complaining. The good stuff:
-New place to explore
-A chance to go through everything you own and purge (this is always very satisfying to me)
- Road trip adventures
-New restaurants
- New friends to make
- New roads to run

Move countdown: 6 days and counting


  1. When we moved here, we couldn't bring alcohol so we had to give away our entire collection of cocktail liqueurs. heartbreaking!


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