Greetings from CO and a 50K

Hello from Colorado!

I am here to visit family and tomorrow run the Greenland 50k. Not gonna lie. Little nervous about that distance. I have not really run all that long since the Georgia marathon the end of March except for one long trail run. But I will just take it slow and steady and try not to pass out from the lack of oxygen.

Goal A- complete this distance and have fun.

Goal B- I would like to finish in six hours but ideally more than a finish time I would like to run smart and feel good throughout the race and finish strong.

Happy Friday!


  1. Welcome to Colorado!!! Now its time to simply forget about racing the clock & soak up the magical atmosphere. Be present & have a blast. Cheers

  2. Awesome challenge with beautiful scenery. Good luck, and ENJOY!

  3. Drink lots of water! This weekend is supposed to be mad hot for May...go figure, huh :) HAVE FUN!!!

  4. Hope you had a fun race! :)


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