Two days later...

and I am still sore from trail running on Sunday. In weird places too. My obliques are killing me. And I have some weird bruises from eating dirt once during like mile 4. Always good to get the falling out of the way early. That way for the rest of the run you look super tough scraped up and covered in dirt. Or at least that is what I kept telling myself I looked like. Most likely I just looked super sweaty and exhausted.

 But it is just so dang fun I can't wait to do it again!

Trail running just seems more exciting. Like you are on an adventure. And as long as you know where you are or are with people who know where they are it won't turn into the kind of adventure that winds up with you on the news because you are lost in the woods. This is key to trail running I think.
My hope is to do lots of trail running this summer. I even have a list of places I want to go:

  • Pine Mountain
  • Providence Canyon
  • Back to Chewacla State Park
  • Flate Rock Park
  • Any other trail I can tag along too
My main goal will be to try not to trip and fall at each place. It is good to have goals. 


  1. Nice pics and it sounds like fun. Maybe I should give trail running a try someday!

    1. You should! It is so much fun...and a really great workout!

  2. Yes! That is why I love trail running - the feel of adventure! But come on, you can't talk about scrapes and being covered in dirt and not share that pic! :P

    1. No pics were taken and the scrapes were tiny....though they grow at every retelling;. Though I did manage to pick up a lot of dirt.


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