Posterior Tibial tendon something and 26 miles

This weekend is

I am very excited to run this because I get to run it with two very amazing and fun runner friends! It is sure to be an amazing time.

Now since I have this going on
a little posterior tibial tendinitis from my flat foot/ need to run all the miles coupled with this 
holy hills
I am thinking this race will be a bit on the slower side. Way back when I registered for this race I was like I will PR at this race. Dumb. Then I found Albany and PR'd because normal people do not pick the most hilly marathon ever to try and PR on. Besides a 26 mile tour of Atlanta with awesome peeps I have decided this marathon will be a great opportunity to try out the items I want to wear/ drink/ eat when I run the 50K in the beginning of May.

So packing the Hokas....they might need their own bag since they are the size of a small vehicle. Trying some calf sleeves and compression shorts. Gonna give Cerasport in my hand held a try. Of course I need a sparkly visor. And just to be clear I went to the doctor who did clear me to run. Next week I will start training in the pool to give my sad tendon a break but I am very happy that I am able to run with my friends this weekend!

Goals for the marathon:
1) Complete it and have fun doing it! 

Happy running and racing to everyone!


  1. I like that goal and I'm totally down for completing (which includes surviving) my first marathon and I couldn't be happier to do it with you two!! Super thankful since I know I'll never forget my first marathon! :)

  2. Good luck at the race! I hope it doesn't bug your foot too much and set you back! :(

  3. Good luck, lovely girl and your ginormous hokas xxx


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