Good Girls Gone Trail: Dana

I present to you the final member of our awesome Smoky Mountain Relay team Good Girls Gone Trail.

Hi! I'm Dana.
I'm way super excited to be a part of this team! Running is pretty new to me, or at least the consistency and sport of it. I never ran in high school unless it was some sort of punishment for missing notes or steps in Marching band.

I was inspired by a friend a few years ago as she was training for the NY Marathon. She came to visit me from California and had a 9-mile run planned while she was here. I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and once I gave birth and had clearance to exercise again, I decided to give running a try.

During my first planned run, I barely ran for 30-second before feeling as if my heart was gonna beat out of my chest. I thought about giving up, and had that moment that many people that I know have. "Running just isn't for me." However, I couldn't seem to let it go. I kept at it, and soon found myself being able to go for 1 minute...then 5...then 10. After I was able to FINALLY run a mile without stopping, I felt as if I had conquered the world. I got content and pretty much started doing every exercise other than running.

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to pick the habit up again because I remembered how exhilarating it felt. I started running by myself at parks, and in my neighborhood. I was introduced to Big Dog Running Co in July of 2013 and started attending their group runs. You mean, there are OTHER PEOPLE THAT COLUMBUS?! Lol!

Shortly after starting to run with the group, I decided that I would run my first marathon. I looked up training plans and began following them. I ran my first half marathon on January 4, 2014! Then I got even crazier and decided to tackle a FULL marathon! I completed my first full marathon on March 1, 2014! I'm looking forward to running many more races, including the Smokey Mountain Relay!! It is going to be amazing!!!

We are all super psyched to have Dana on our team. She is a super strong runner and is gonna kill her relay legs! And she is also an awesome mom so she will know how to deal with us all when we get cranky and tired and need a snack. And with that we are ready to relay!!!!


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